The changing face of Maze Long Kesh

Considerable work has been done by the Maze Long Kesh Development Corporation since the site was handed over to its ownership in 2012.

Since its establishment the Corporation has secured around £6m third party investment. The Corporation has entered into a development agreement with the Royal Ulster Agricultural Society who have commenced development of their 55 acre Balmoral Park site. The first new building on the site, the 5000m2 EIKON, is now in operation as a year round exhibition and event facility.

Perhaps many people will not be aware more than 450,000 people have attended events on the site since September 2012. However, beyond that the Corporation has been responsible for delivering 687 metres of new internal roadways, including a new entrance, the full remediation of the 347–acre site to bring it to a standard suitable for a range of potential uses and the provision of 800 metres of public footpath and cycleway for the neighbouring Halftown residents. Furthermore, more in excess of 4400 m2 of internal utilities have been laid around the site to facilitate The Corporation’s partnership with the Royal Ulster Agricultural Society Whilst much of the Corporation’s work has been conducted away from the public spotlight its Board remains convinced Maze Long Kesh is the most significant strategic regeneration opportunity in Northern Ireland. It also believes there will be major Foreign Direct Investment interest if and when Ministerial agreement enables it to move forward with the economic and social development of the site.

Major remediation works have ensured the site will be suitable for a wide range of potential uses. Demolition of much of the former prison followed by site levelling and provision of new entrances and internal roads have enabled the site to be opened for public access for the first time since WWII.

Since the occupation of part of the site by the Royal Ulster Agricultural Society in 2014 the site has played host to a wide range of public events from the annual Balmoral Show to major sports’ events.

The Corporation is responsible for maintenance of the remaining former prison buildings and the WWII hangars which are scheduled monuments which house the Ulster Aviation Society’s remarkable collection of aircraft.

As each year goes by the vast site is slowly being brought to life and being enjoyed by people of all ages.



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