Our Vision – From Peace to Prosperity


The Vision of the Maze Long Kesh Development Corporation was launched in May 2013. 

In summary, the Corporation’s Vision is to see the 347 site transformed into a landmark development of local, regional and international significance, delivering unprecedented social and economic value whilst providing a platform for prosperity for future generations and creating an exemplar model for societies emerging from conflict. 

The Corporation has encapsulated this vision in its ‘From Peace to Prosperity’ strap line. 

Recent initiatives by Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council, in relation to future development of the West Lisburn area, have enhanced the opportunity for Maze Long Kesh to be the catalyst for development of the surrounding area, fulfilling the joint First Minister and deputy First Minister’s objective to exploit the economic development of the site to the full.

The ‘1000 acre’ concept is now becoming a 3500 acres opportunity defined by a Framework that will provide the basis for preparation of a statutory Local Plan.


The Corporation’s Spatial Framework
The Corporation’s Spatial Framework

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